Exercises to Combat Shoulder Pain


exercises to combat shoulder pain
Stand with your arms at your sides, holding a light hand weight (or can of soup) in each hand. With your elbows straight, turn your arms in so that your thumbs point to the floor.

Keeping your thumbs pointed toward your little toes, lift your arms to waist level and slightly forward, never higher than your shoulders.

Lower your arms slowly in a controlled fashion. Repeat 5 – 15 times and relax.

Taffy Pull

exercises to combat shoulder pain
Place rubber tubing against a door jammed with the door closed. Grasp the tubing with the hand on the side you wish to exercise and stand away from the door so that the tubing is tight.

Stand sideways to the door. With your arm against your side and your elbow in an “L” shape (90-degrees), rotate your arm across your chest. Return to the starting position slowly and in a controlled manner.

Repeat the stretch 5 – 15 times and then relax.


exercises to combat shoulder pain
Lie on the side opposite the shoulder you want to exercise. Use your arm and a pillow to support your head.

Grasp a light hand weight (or a tin of soup) out in front of you. Bend your elbow into an “L” shape (90-degrees), keeping your upper-arm and elbow firmly against your side.

Keeping your wrist straight, slowly lift the weight until your forearm is parallel to the floor, then slowly lower the weigh.

Repeat 5 – 15 times and then relax.

If you’re suffering from discomfort and pain in your shoulders, contact us today. We can advise on the best exercises to combat shoulder pain, and physiotherapy treatments to manage existing pain.