More About Your Physiotherapy Consultation

Your first visit to us will consist of a full physiotherapy consultation and a discussion surrounding the medical history of your symptoms.

The next stage will involve a standard postural assessment and examination. This will help us identify any problems which may be the underlying reason for your pain and discomfort. You may also require a neurological examination involving tests to ascertain physical properties such as reflexes, sensations, muscle strength, active and passive movements in your body.

Once we are satisfied with the diagnosis and that there are no contra-indications, a physiotherapy treatment plan will be carried out. This normally lasts about one hour.

Physiotherapy Treatment Fee’s

Our initial physiotherapy consultation, consisting of an assessment and treatment, is £40.00 and takes one hour. Consecutive physiotherapy appointments will also take one hour at a cost of £40.00 per session.

We do not believe in keeping patients coming back week after week and paying for unnecessary physio.

Most patients will feel a noticeable improvement in their physical health after just one session.

Contact Physio Leeds today, to begin your journey back to peak physical health.

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