Preventing Falls Through Physiotherapy

Statistics from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy suggest that annually, in the UK, 280,000 people are admitted to A&E after a fall. This costs the NHS £1.6 billion.

preventing falls through physiotherapy

Falls resulting in injury are particularly common amongst the elderly as our balance reactions diminish as we age. This can be a result of a number of factors. As we age, our bones and muscles weaken, meaning we are less flexible and our balance deteriorates. Problems with the inner ear and postural hypotension (the dropping of blood pressure as we stand up) can also increase the risk of falls. It has been suggested that if everybody aged 65 or over was referred to physiotherapy, 160,000 falls could be prevented per year.

At Physio Leeds, we offer a range of Physiotherapy Services that can help to prevent falls; from Physiotherapy in your own home to group or individual Pilates classes.

Through a series of strengthening exercises, Pilates classes help to strengthen and stabilise core muscles which can improve balance and increase flexibility. At Physio Leeds, we appreciate the importance of incorporating balancing exercises into our Pilates classes. Angela, who has been a qualified Physiotherapist for over 20 years, leads the classes and is on hand to assess your specific strengths and weaknesses and tailor exercises to suit your needs. We offer a range of Pilates classes; from group sessions at beginner or intermediate level, to one-to-one sessions which allow you to gain a deeper understanding of how your body works. A year ago, Jan, one of our regular Pilates class members, struggled just to stand on the foam roller. One year on and she is now somewhat of an expert, having improved her balance and co-ordination through exercise!

Falls can be debilitating, but they don’t have to be. Group Pilates classes are a fantastic way of regaining confidence after a fall. If you like the sound of Pilates but cannot get to our classes, this is no problem; we can come to you!

At Physio Leeds, we offer home Physiotherapy. This could be ideal for you if you have recently had a fall and been discharged from hospital. Statistics suggest that one in every three people over 65 who live at home have at least one fall per year and over half of this number experience more frequent falls. We want to help to reduce this statistic by preventing further falls. We can visit you in your home to assess your needs and prescribe suitable exercises to manage your condition. We will advise you on potential environmental hazards and suggest modifications that can be made to your home to help prevent further falls. Our personalised home visits can help you and your family to understand your condition and improve your mobility together.

Falls are much more preventable with the help of Physiotherapy. Want to give our Pilates classes a try or arrange a home visit? Contact PhysioLeeds today.