Why is Back Pain Such a Big Problem in the UK?

Back pain in the UK seems to be a – well, pain! It is one of the leading causes of conditions such as sciatica and in general makes you feel extremely uncomfortable. The unfortunate circumstance of having a bad back isn’t easy to deal with either. Medical advice recommends that you keep active, despite the pain, because resting only makes it worse. But what exactly are the common causes of back pain?

Are you one of those individuals that likes to Google your symptoms? Well don’t! You will only read horror stories that are far from the truth! Because in reality, the most common causes of back pain are actually quite normal and manageable.

To save you time and give you the assurance you’re not going to need spinal surgery, here is a handy list of the UK’s most common causes of back pain.

What Are the Common Causes of Back Pain?

Stop Slouching

It has recently been reported that one in every four British adults will, at some point in their life, suffer with a bad back of some description. Simple accidents like slips and trips, where you land on your back, can cause a temporary feeling of discomfort. In addition to this, persistent posture misalignment is another major cause.

common causes of back pain

If you work in an office based environment where you’re sat at your desk for long periods of time, you must ensure your posture is correct. Poor posture affects the lower lumbar of your spine which can, over time, lead to trapped nerves and even slipped discs.

Ah, To Be 21 Again!

Over time, our bodies do age – that’s just natural biology. Anybody really can suffer from back pain but certain people are more susceptible to it. Older people, people who carry excess weight and pregnant women are all easy victims of back pain. Patients who work in physically demanding jobs or lead extreme lifestyles can also pick up the odd knock as well.

Older patients, especially retired people, are at risk of back pain due to the natural wear and tear changes in the spine curvature. Conditions such as osteoarthritis can commonly lead to back pain as well.

Avoid Over Stretching

One of the most common causes of back pain is muscle strains. Usually, the problem is self-corrected, with time, rest breaks and temperature healing materials. However, serious injuries such as slipped discs may require more extensive treatment to allow the disc to recover its original position.

Painkillers with anti-inflammatory ingredients such as ibuprofen will help you with this process. There are ways to avoid slipped discs, the main helping hand being the correct lifting procedure. Warehouse workers are amongst those most at risk of slipped discs due to lifting heavy objects incorrectly.

common causes of back pain

Combat Back Pain with Physio Leeds

The best way to combat back pain is to avoid it altogether with preventative methods and more intelligent approaches to your day-to-day life. In the long term, exercises that strength your abdominal core and lower back muscles will help to radically reduce the risk of back pain. Physical activities such as yoga and swimming are also great ways to ensure a healthy back, whilst improving your overall well-being at the same time.

Physiotherapy is a proven method of both avoiding and curing chronic back pain. Physiotherapists will first assess to see if you have an underlying health problem that may be connected to your back pain. Once assessed, your physiotherapist can then construct a treatment programme best suited for your needs. In between sessions, you will be advised on at-home exercises and what pain relief to take if needed.