Preventing Pain With Pillow Selection

Who would have thought that you could actually injure yourself in your sleep!? The dreaded neck pains! Waking up in the morning with a pain in the neck is an awful start to the day. It has you jolting like you’ve been electrocuted anytime you attempt to turn your head!

You, like many other people, may assume it was your sleeping position that caused this horrific pain. But in most cases, you’d be wrong.

In truth, your pillow is the biggest culprit more often than not.

Choosing the right pillow is vital if you wish to achieve a good night’s sleep!

You need to keep your neck in line with your head and spinal column, after all it is protecting your central nervous system! This is the most effective way of preventing injury, stiffness and pain in the morning.

Wonderful Waterbase® Pillow

To achieve the best sleeping position you could consider choosing a Waterbase® pillow from Mediflow. This type of pillow provides a high level of support to the back, neck and head as you slumber away into dream land.

It contains an inner water chamber that adjusts to your sleeping position – no matter how awkward it may be. This works by allowing you to fill an inner chamber with water, creating a mini water bed for your head! This provides greater flexibility, weight distribution and conformity to your placement.

Memory Foam Pillows

A memory foam pillow is another great option and they come in many shapes and sizes these days. These pillows offer excellent flexibility and superior comfort, providing a cradling effect around your head as you sleep. Shredded foam pillows let you position them any way you like – perfect for people who like to sleep on their side, stomach, back or all three!

Adequate levels of airflow between the pieces of foam also allow this type of pillow to stay cool during the night. We all know how lovely the cold side of a pillow can be too! A memory foam pillow stays cool all night!

preventing pain with pillow selection

Fluffy Feather Pillows

You could also try using a feather filled pillow, which are incredibly common and very comfortable. These pillows easily conform to the shape of your neck, although they will collapse over time. Therefore they will need replacing at least once a year. As good as these pillows are, we recommend choosing one of the types mentioned above.

Get a Better Night’s Sleep!

Once you have chosen your new pillow it’s time to take on board some general sleeping position advice. Always match your pillow height with your sleeping position, unless you are sleeping on your side. In this case, use a pillow that is slightly higher under your neck than your head, to keep your spine straight. Last but not least, you can also try a little neck stretching exercise before bed. This can help if you go to sleep with a lot of pre-built tension already in the neck muscles.

Upgraded your pillow but still struggling with neck pain? Contact Physio Leeds today to book a consultation and we’ll get to the bottom of your neck pain woes, and help you put a plan of action together to get you back to peak physical health in no time whatsoever! Within this consultation, we’ll also cover preventing pain with with pillow selection, to ensure a good night’s sleep, is a pain-free one.

preventing pain with pillow selection